Why add oxygen

Why add oxygen

Plants need oxygen, we all know that. The correct oxygen content in the water is important for the overall quality, water and nutrient absorption of the roots. It also contributes to healthier roots and therefore the plant can better defend itself against pathogenic fungi. For example, with good oxygen levels, calcium absorption improves.

The problem in greenhouse horticulture is that enough oxygen is measured in the basin, but the level at the dripper is too low. On hot days the content is already too low even in the basin.

Decrease in oxygen levels is caused by, among other things:

  • Organic pollution.
  • The formation of a biofilm in a drip system.
  • If the water stands still, the oxygen content drops to critical values (<4 mg/l) within an hour due to bacteria, among other things.
  • High temperatures in the substrate mat (ideal growth conditions for bacteria and fungi).

The required oxygen is therefore contained in the irrigation water that the plants receive. By adding oxygen to the irrigation water, the grower maintains the oxygen level. There are already various techniques on the market to do this, but the oxygen addition is limited. After years of development, Aquamar has found an effective method to achieve this goal. We do this with the Aquamar Pro-Vida by using nanobubbles.

More information about the Pro-Vida

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