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Pro-Vida in the CoC Innovation Top 100 list

Innovation Top 100

Pro-Vida has secured a place in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce Innovation Top 100 list of 2022! Today (Tuesday, October 4, 2022), the CoC presented the 100 most innovative SME companies in alphabetical order. Which place we have achieved will be announced on November 30 in the Prodentfabriek in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

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The Aquamar Pro-Vida on Horti Daily

"We've built a truly solid box over the years”

Horti Daily, 7 juni 2022

"A little better every year" is the goal of every manufacturer, including Aquamar. This Dutch company has been building its Pro-Vida nanobubble generators using the same principle for years. Maarten Kramer explains the importance of oxygen-rich water.

"Oxygen has long been under-appreciated in horticulture," he says. "However, growers are becoming increasingly aware of how important water quality is for their plants."

Here, the credo is, 'not too little, but also not too much.' "If your oxygen level is too low, the biofilm grows much faster, and the bacterial pressure increases. Some experts say too high an oxygen level can also lead to phenomena in the plant. Though, opinions are divided on this," Maarten explains. Several factors - time, heat, organic pollution, and biofilm - can decrease oxygen levels.

Aquamar, thus, recommends a specific oxygen level. "About 20-35 mg/L in the day basin or mixing tanks, depending on the situation. And a range between 18 and 25 mg in the greenhouse."

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