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The Pro-Vida Nanogenerator is widely used in greenhouse horticulture worldwide to add oxygen to the water for the plants. The units are usually connected to a silo, for example the daily supply tank if one is available.

With the Aquamar Pro-Vida we aim for 20-30mg/L oxygen in the silo or basin so that it is approximately between 15 and 25mg/L for the plants. Because some oxygen is lost in the pipes.

Measuring is knowing

The operation of the Pro-Vida can easily be checked with a dissolved oxygen meter. This allows you to measure the oxygen level in the water tank but also in various places in the greenhouse and thus check whether the oxygen level is good.


The nano-generator itself does not require maintenance, but the oxygen generator and pump do. Depending on the quality of the water, the pump's pre-filter sometimes needs to be cleaned. Furthermore, the oxygen generator requires maintenance every year. We can do this for you within the Netherlands. Outside the Netherlands you will receive the necessary parts and instructions from us. The units are designed in such a way that maintenance is easy to perform.


In The Netherlands there are various subsidy options. To improve and make fruit and vegetable production more sustainable, you can apply for the Sectorale Interventie Groenten & Fruit (SIG&F). This can be done by recognized producer organizations. Previously, this subsidy program was called GMO (gemeenschappelijke marktordening), but the new system is now called SIG&F.

The Milieu-investeringsaftrek (MIA) and the Willekeurige afschrijving milieu-investeringen (VAMIL) are tax benefits for entrepreneurs who invest in environmentally friendly assets.

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Would you like to inquire about our Pro-Vida? Or do you perhaps have another question? Our experts are happy to assist you and explain the importance of nanobubbles. You can call +31527-688336, but it is of course also possible to fill in our contact form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to a number of frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? Please feel free to contact us!

  • Is the Pro-Vida a venturi system?
    No, the Pro-Vida contains a nanobubble generator developed by us. A venturi is used to introduce gas (usually oxygen) into the water. Of course they are still large bubbles. The water with the large bubbles then passes through the nanobubble generator and the large bubbles are converted into many small nanobubbles.

  • Is the Pro-Vida maintenance-free?
    The nanobubble generator is maintenance-free in most cases. The oxygen generator (and if any plasma generator) do require maintenance as usual. The air inlet filter must also be replaced annually and the pump filter must be cleaned regularly depending on the water quality.

  • Which type of Pro-Vida should I have?
    In greenhouse horticulture this mainly depends on the amount of water you use per day. The current oxygen level and the desired oxygen level also play a role, as well as the way in which Pro-Vida can be applied. We are of course happy to help you with this choice. Contact us for tailor-made advice.

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More information about the Pro-Vida

Do you have a question about the Pro-Vida? Our experts are happy to assist you and provide you with tailor-made advice. You can call +31527-688336, but it is of course also possible to fill in our contact form.

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Food industry

The Pro-Vida can be used for all kinds of applications in the food industry. Consider, for example, adding oxygen to the water for fish farming and improving water quality in transport flumes.

The units can be equipped with:

  • Oxygen generator: Ensures that 90% oxygen is added to the water, without an oxygen generator this is 20% oxygen and 80% nitrogen.
  • Plasma generator: Provides an oxidizing effect on the water, for example against micro-organisms and algae (abroad, if permitted).
  • UV unit: Kills micro-organisms and strengthens the action against algae.


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Would you like to inquire about our Pro-Vida? Or do you perhaps have another question? Our experts are happy to assist you and explain the applications of nanobubbles. You can call +31527-688336, but it is of course also possible to fill in our contact form.

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